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Blackening and Oxidizing Concentrates

Mid Temperature Black Oxide

Tru Temp® XL One Component Black Oxide - For make-up and replenishment.
Tru Temp® MKP Make-up Solution - Bath strength make-up. Use as is, without dilution.
Tru Temp® RPL Replenisher Concentrate - For use with Tru Temp® MKP above.
Tru Temp® Neutralizer - For use in pH neutralizing spent Tru Temp baths prior to disposal.

Oxidizers for Copper, Brass, Bronze, Nickel, Silver, and Zinc

Antique Black® M20 Immersion - Versatile blackening / browning solution/or brass, bronze.
Antique Black® M21 Immersion - Black on nickel, silver; brown on brass, bronze.
Antique Black® M24 Brush-On Liquid - For brass, bronze, copper.
Antique Black® Gel - Brush-on blackening gel.
Patina Green™ Verde Green Finish - For copper, brass, bronze.
Antique Black® M220 Immersion - Economical black/brown on brass.
Antique Brown® M38 Immersion or Brush-On - Golden to chocolate brown on brass, bronze, copper.
Antique Brown® Gel - Brush-on browning gel.
Presto® Bright Dip - Used to brighten and remove tarnish from brass, bronze, copper, nickel, and silver.

Black Oxide for Stainless Steel


Pewter Black™ PB1 Immersion Concentrate - For all tin & pewter alloys.
Pewter Black™ PB2 Immersion Concentrate - Solution for blackening of tin and pewter alloys.


Zinc Black ZN4 Immersion - For zinc die castings, zinc plating.

Rust Preventives and Sealants

Solvent Based Rust Preventives

Dri-Touch® DS Dewatering Sealant - Water-displacer, super thin film.
Dri-Touch® IRP1 Water Displacer - Ultra-fine dry film.
Dri-Touch® Amber IRP2 Rust Preventive - Water displacer. Low odor. Dry film.
Dri-Touch® Plus IRP3 Heavy-Duty Rust Preventive - For long term storage.
Sheath® RB1 Water Displacing Oil - Slightly oily film.
Dri-Touch® RPL - Replenisher for Solvent Based Rust Preventatives.
ClearLok® EXT  - Solvent-based clear topcoat with UV inhibitors for exterior applications.
ClearLok® U1 - Heavy-duty solvent-based clear topcoat for exterior applications requiring great durability.
ClearLok® U2 - Heavy-duty solvent-based two-part clear topcoat for exterior applications requiring great durability.

Water Based Sealants

Sheath® WS12 Water Dilutable Oil - Slightly oily film.
Satin Shield® SS10 Acrylic Polymer Emulsion - Clear, slick film.
ClearLok® Urethane Polymer Emulsion - Hard, durable film.
ClearLok® Max Acrylic/Urethane Emulsion - Clear, hard film, strippable.
Sheath® Plus - Water-soluble oil rust preventive with good corrosion prevention.
ClearLok® SPL  - Water soluble clear topcoat for all metals, applied by spray or immersion.

Metal Cleaners and Conditioners

Powdered Cleaners

Presto Kleen® HP Heavy Duty Cleaner - For iron & steel only.

Acid Conditioners

Presto Prep® P2 Surface Conditioner - For use with Presto Black process.
Safe Prep® Metal Activator Concentrate - For use with Presto Black process.
Oxyprime® Liquid Tool Steel Conditioner - Primer for Tru Temp on tool steels.
Oxyprime® Powder Surface Conditioner - Primer for Tru Temp.
Oxyprime® XP Heavy-Duty Powder - All-purpose primer for Tru Temp.
Oxyprime® XPL Heavy-Duty Liquid - All-purpose primer for Tru Temp.

Mini Finishing Systems

5 Gallon Mini Systems

Mini-Tru Temp Blackening Line BK-TT - 5 Gallon In-house Black Oxide 190° System
BK-1 Mini Presto Black Line - 5 Gallon In-house Cold Blackening System

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