Tru Temp Black Oxide Color Change Test Procedures

To keep the Birchwood Technologies Tru Temp Black Oxide process operating at optimal performance, we recommend performing a weekly Color Change Test, or as needed, to assure all concentrates are at the proper levels.

This video is specifically for the Test Procedures for Birchwood Technologies OXYPRIME® (XP, XPL, POWDER) Surface Conditioner and TRU TEMP® Mid-Temperature Black Oxide.

Black Oxide Finishing With An In-House Automated System

Birchwood Technologies Tru Temp Black Oxide Finishing is the answer for today's manufacturers looking for faster turnaround on metal finished components, faster shipping of their products and adding sales appeal to their metal components. Birchwood Technologies Zero-Discharge configuration totally eliminates the need for a drain connection.

Birchwood Technologies: Zero-Max Case Study

Design engineers are demanding faster turnaround from suppliers in order to bring their systems to market faster. To meet this need, Zero-Max, a world leading manufacturer of couplings and motion control products, has reduced its blackening time from 5 days to the same day by installing an automated, "first of its kind" TRU TEMP® CNC finishing system.

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