Protective Finish for Iron and Steel

What is MicroLok® MZN?

An Attractive & Protective Finish for Iron & Steel

The MicroLok® MZN process is a fine-grained zinc phosphating solution for iron and steel components. Applied at 120-160° F, the MicroLok MZN finish complies with MIL-DTL-16232G, Type Z, Classes 1, 2,3. When sealed with a rust preventive, the MicroLok MZN finish has excellent corrosion resistance and also provides anti-galling protection and break-in lubricity to critical working surfaces.

Ideal for tooling and machine components, piston/cylinder assemblies, rotors & calipers, oil-field equipment or any part that does not require a dark black finish, but does require robust corrosion protection, anti-galling properties or break-in lubricity, without a significant dimensional change.

MicroLok® MZN

Zinc Phosphate Solution for Iron & Steel
MicroLok MZN


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