Birchwood Technologies

New Birchwood Technologies Products

Tru Temp® 2nd GEN - Improved Finish and can be used on a wider range of ferrous metals including Iron, Steel, Tool Steel and Stainless Steel.

Presto Black® SSBI - Immersion solution for blackening stainless steel.

Tru Temp® Neutralizer - For use in pH neutralizing spent Tru Temp baths prior to disposal.

Presto® Bright Dip - Used to brighten and remove tarnish from brass, bronze, copper, nickel, and silver.

Dri-Touch® RPL - Used to dilute and restore solvency in Dri-Touch and Sheath RB1 rust preventives.

Sheath® Plus - Water-soluble oil rust preventive with good corrosion prevention.

ClearLok® SPL - Water soluble clear topcoat for all metals, applied by spray or immersion.

ClearLok® EXT - Solvent-based clear topcoat with UV inhibitors for exterior applications.

ClearLok® U1 & ClearLok® U2 - Heavy-duty solvent-based two-part clear topcoat for exterior applications requiring great durability.

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