Room Temperature Antiquing Decorative Finishes

Nickel & Silver Antiquing Solution

Designed to be user and environmentally friendly, Birchwood Technologies nickel and silver antiquing solutions and processes are easy and safe to use in either manual or fully automatic lines. These products offer you maximum control over finish and operating costs.

Coupled with the Ion Exchange System, the line requires no water, drain or vent hookup and can be located anywhere in the plant in a manufacturing cell or any convenient location. Birchwood Technologies' nickel and silver antiquing solution are the smart alternative to other oxidizing solutions.

Interested in learning more about our nickel and silver antiquing solutions, or any of our other decorative metal finishes? Contact us at 952-937-7931 to speak with an expert today!

Antique Black® M21 Immersion

Blackening Solution for Nickel & Silver

A high-strength Concentrate for browning of brass, copper, bronze. Also Blackens nickel and silver. High coverage per gallon and low operating cost.

Antique Black M21 Immersion


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Presto® Bright Dip

Used to brighten and remove tarnish from brass, bronze, copper, nickel, and silver. Deoxidizing the metal surface creating a brightener for the brass, copper and bronze substrate and is engineered to minimize metal removal or loss.

Applied at room temperature and can be used at 100% concentrate directly from container. For immersion applications dilute with tap water to make a bath of 10%-50% by volume and use tanks made of Polypropylene, PVC, PVC coated steel or other acid-proof material. Also it may be used with racks, baskets, barrels made from similar acid proof materials.

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