Room Temperature Antiquing Decorative Finishes

Decorative Metal Coatings for Lead

Designed to be user and environmentally friendly, Birchwood Technologies’ decorative metal coatings are easy and safe to apply either manually or using fully automatic lines. Our decorative metal coatings for lead offer you the maximum control over finish and operating cost.

When using Birchwood Technologies’ decorative metal coatings, apply the solution until the desired color on the metal has developed. If applying to smaller parts, the parts should be gently agitated to ensure uniform chemical contact. After the decorative metal coating is applied, rinse the part for thirty seconds and apply a clear topcoat seal such as SATIN SHIELD® or CLEARLOK®.

If you have any questions about our decorative metal coatings or any other metal finishing solutions, please contact us at 952.937.7931 to talk with an expert!

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